Top 10 mentalists

Top 10 mentalistsHere are our top 10 of the greatest mentalists/psychic performers

1. Uri Geller  is a magician, recognized all over the world as a good illusionist, famous personality, and auto-proclaimed paranormal. He’s respected for his brand tv shows of spoon flexing and many other mental influences.

2. Derren Brown  is a British magician, mentalist, hypnotherapist, artist,and publisher. He’s famous for his tv shows, stage shows, and British TV series such as Trick of the Mind and Trick or Treat.

3. Gerry Mccambridge    is known as a famous mentalist for more than twenty years. He has learned mind reading tricks, body gestures, hypnotherapy, philology, non-verbal interaction, magic, behaving, movie theater and even stand up comedy, elements that this guy applies in his work.

4. Banachek   is a professional mentalist who has published manuals about mentalism and has created a variety of  “magic formulas” and mentalism special effects.

5. Kreskin  is a reputed mentalist who shot to popularity on American television. He continue as being a current artist and his shows are present on known tv channels.

6. Craig Karges   is known as a mentalist or magician who mix learning of magic with the psychological science and the potential of instinct too.

7. The Evasons:  Jeff and Tessa Evason mix the magical powers and mentalism, psyching out spectators having an entertaining show that refuse rational demonstration.

8. Marc Salem  is a greatest mentalist and telepathist and he is highly experienced in body language.

9. Ted Karmilovich  is known as a active performing artist and his mentalism tricks are widely-used by numerous of today’s top experts. He has practiced at educational institutions, corporate and business events and many groups.

10. Bob Cassidy  is a popular American mentalist, lecturer and publisher of many products generally considered favourites in that specific area.

P.S. This really is a hard list to create, there are a lot great performing artist but in our personal opinion you can find the top 10 at this time. Don’t hesitate to not agree with our team!